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Off The Soi

OTS 3: Off The Soi

2015 was the year many habits shattered like pieces of glass, leaving shards to remind me of the person I used to be and structured me to the person I am becoming. It all started with my new years resolution, I wrote it down on a piece of paper. ‘This year is my ...

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Top Team 101: No-gi


Phuket Top Team’s BJJ & No-Gi program is ran under Carlson Gracie’s 4th degree black-belt Olavo Abreu, and De La Riva’s 2nd degree black-belt Joao Paulo. Both practitioners in their sport for over two decades. Phuket Top Team offers 11 Jiu Jitsu classes a week twice a day, in the ...

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Strength & Conditioning


Strength and conditioning classes are available at Phuket Top Team twice a week, Monday and Wednesday from 03:00PM til 04:00 PM. During class you will have to face very hard challenges, and sometimes the challenge itself is not hard but the repitition and amount of mental warfare it has in store ...

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Welcome To Top Team

PTT Tour

Welcome to Top Team is a video I’ve put together for those who have never been to our gym and would like to get a glimpse of what the facillity and the training looks like. 8 Gi classes, 3 No-Gi, 12 Muay Thai, 3 Wrestling, 2 Strength and Conditioning, 3 Pro ...

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A Tyson & Ali Story


Check out my latest video “A Tyson & Ali Story” Ali fought Holmes when Ali was very sick. Tyson looks up to Ali as a hero and a role model. When Tyson was a kid, he had Ali on the phone, and he told him he will get Holmes for ...

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Vegetarian Festival


When I heard the word “Vegetarian” and then it followed with the word “Festival” I immediately assumed we’re talking fruits and veggies being thrown at people with the likes of individuals that oppose animal-cruelty and are simply not into eating meat. Little did I know, no sprouts or plants were ...

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Happy Birthday Mr. Lee


Vaughan Lee is an English mixed martial artist currently competing in the UFC’s Bantamweight division fighting out of Phuket Top Team. We all gathered and celebrated his birthday at the gym as he just turns 33 and looks younger than me at 22 years of age. Vaughan is a very ...

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My Arrival


I had encountered many issues prior to my arrival in Phuket, Thailand. I’ve had to battle so many difficulties, whether it’s batteling depression, wrestling my demons or simply having the post-office lose my passport in the mail days before my initial flight. In the shades of such unfortunate experiences, I’ve emerged wiser ...

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Jeferson Oliveira Dreams Big


I had the privilege to spend some time today with XMT World Champion Jeferson Oliveira. Fatigue and exhaustion are common when you’re cutting weight for a fight. But in his case, even while fasting, weight cutting, dehydrating and running 5 Kilometeres (3.3 miles) in the warm humid Thai weather while ...

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Arlee’s Knockout Punch Farewell


Arlee is a Muay Thai Kru that has found himself traveling in a quest to teach, explore and enjoy China. I’ve known Arlee for a couple of months and we’ve connected differently than most people do here. We’ve developed a very respectful and humble brotherhood in which he personally messaged ...

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