OTS 1: My Arrival
OTS 1: My Arrival
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On The Soi: The Purpose

The purpose behind this blog / journal, call it whatever you want. Is to share my journey in the fighter’s land and present my perspective about living and training here, as well as the lifestyle I’ve adapted to ever since my arrival to Phuket, Thailand. It will consist of things I do,  places I will visit, people I meet, friends I’m making and sharing the spotlight with fellow fighters on the mats. I am currently training at Phuket Top Team, built and operated by Boyd and Kha’an Clarke and there’s something about that place that made me feel like for the first time ever in my life, I’m finally home. The level of competition here is very tough, we get people that come and go all that time and for me it’s very hard to invest in most because you get used to people. And it sucks when they leave. But never the less, we’ve got a good team.


About Tamerlan

My name is Timür and I’m 22 years old of a Turkish descent. I fell in love with wrestling when I was a kid, and started doing Jiu-Jitsu when I was 16. I moved to Thailand in August 2015 to rediscover myself...Read more...

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