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Vegetarian Festival

Shrine. Entrance to the Chinese Temple.

When I heard the word “Vegetarian” and then it followed with the word “Festival” I immediately assumed we’re talking fruits and veggies being thrown at people with the likes of individuals that oppose animal-cruelty and are simply not into eating meat. Little did I know, no sprouts or plants were involved and I found myself deeply disturbed by the horrific sight. Before we get to that point, let’s start with the less depressing part of the cultic ritual. P.s: I have no intention of offending anyone, I’m simply stating my opinion.


Child in a dragon costume standing on a 50 feet tall bamboo pole.

The Night Before
A friend of mine messaged me on whatsapp and asked me if I’d like to give the festival a try and I thought to myself, “why not?”. I got notified I’m supposed to be dressed in white. The only white top I had was a long sleeve winter jacket. And yes, I wore it last night despite the warm and humid weather. Suffering from staph, migraines and nausea I walked about a mile to the Chinese temple in my drowsiness. The festival began around 08:00 PM where some celebrations and rituals were being performed. Whether it’s five people standing on-top of each-other or a child fighting a dragon, it was quite entertaining.


Top Team Fellows
Top Team fighters joining the Buddhaist celebrations.

The celebrations went on and on all night, though one hour was too much for me anyway I had decided to go home, and right before I walk past Ali’s BBQ, I might aswell grab me a sugar free carrot shake and an oatmeal raising cookie to put me to sleep for about 2$. If you’re around me and you’re really into partying and stuff, you better not take me cause I’m the biggest party pooper, buzz killer out there. I never stick til the end and I call it quits sooner than later.


Phuket Vegetarian Festival
A man that lost his mind.
Phuket Vegetarian Festival

I was given a free T-shirt at the festival and was told I should come back at 06:30 for the next stage of the celebrations. I smiled politely, accepted the gift and then I was told by my friend Mandla, “Oh, and that’s 06:30AM, yeah?” I told myself I could come and take a few pictures, shoot a few videos and have a wonderful story to share. Unfortunately, I don’t. And you’ll find out why in just a bit. I’m very open minded when it comes to people’s beliefs and I believe you have the right to believe in the purple color if you want. You may even claim it’s sacred for all I care. Because I don’t. However, stabbing and sticking knives and guns (And bicycles?) in your face is just plain retarded. I’m sorry. I don’t know what is the point behind it, but why does it even matter?  Our bodie are sacred, and to exploit them like that is just beyond disrespectful to your creator and yourselves. You scar yourself, you put yourself through a potential infections and diseases. I literally saw a little girl, with her cheeks slit and you could see the inner part of her jaw with the naked eye. Is this the example you’re setting for children? I might aswell just sit in silence and cringe in awe, cause it’s killing my buzz just thinking about it.


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